WordSesh has Returned.

On July 25th, 2018, WordPress developers from around the world came together for the exciting reprisal of the beloved virtual conference.

If you missed the live broadcast, don't fret! Every session was recorded and you can watch all the presentations right now if you'd like. Plus, you can still access all the digital swag we have to offer!

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Setting up your VPS: the other stuff – Mike Little

In this session, Mike shares about the many little things that are sometimes forgotten and overlooked when propping up a brand new web server. He talks through the challenges of setting up email, configuring proper and basic security, handling large traffic loads, and gets into the specifics of hardware, application stack, and more.

Dev Tooling & Sane Automation – Ahmad Awais

Ahmad shares some of the incredible ways he's been able to be more productive with less time than the rest of us. Watch this presentation to find ways that you can automate some of your tasks and improve tooling not only for development but the rest of your business as well.

When CSS is an API – Helen Hou-Sandi

Learn about some incredible ways of design-thinking and systems. In this presentation Helen provides a number of ways in which the use of CSS has been changing to inform other programming decisions and the ways in which we interact with the things we're building.

Makers & Menders – Andrea Goulet

Are you a maker or a mender? Do you prefer to create brand new things and see an idea come to life, or do you enjoy optimizing and improving on things that have already been started more? It's hard to know, for sure, without deep introspection. In this presentation, Andrea will help you better define these roles for yourself and your colleagues and help you to determine which hat is the best fit.

45 Ways to Improve Store Conversions – Chris Lema

You might not know it yet, but Chris has a lot of great insight when it comes to ecommerce sites. He has been building them since before "ecommerce" was a defined term, just to give you some perspective. In his presentation, Chris has 45 different tips that you can implement to help you increase conversions on virtually any ecommerce store. And even if you don't run an ecommerce store, you'll find that a number of these tips can be useful to you for converting clients on your business site.

Lunch with Brad – Brad Williams (and guests)

Tune in for this special edition of Brad William's famous lunch-time podcast. In this episode he speaks with Scott Basgaard, Matt Medeiros, and Brian Richards. The quartet discuss the future of WordPress, what they think about Gutenberg, and reminisce about the interesting things that have happened since the very first WordSesh in 2013.

10 Keys to Successful Freelancing – Carrie Dils

Carrie has been providing client services for many years now. In 2017, she launched The Fearless Freelancer to provide training and community support for everyone else working in this niche. In this presentation, Carrie shares 10 important lessons to help you be more successful with your own client-focused career.

What Clients Really Want – Nathan Allotey

It's pretty rare that a client actually knows exactly what they need. They definitely know what they want. At least, they think they do. Nathan will show you how to ask the right questions and guide your clients to the solutions that will ultimately help them the most.

How WordPress Keeps You Secure – Aaron Campbell

WordPress has a notorious reputation for being insecure, but that's pretty disingenuous. The WordPress core security team, and WordPress by extension, have done many things that help keep your site secure. Aaron will walk you through just a snapshot of those in this presentation as well as help you to complement the security strategy rather than counter it.

Upgrade Your Workflow – Tessa Kriesel

How happy are you with your current web development and deployment workflow? Tessa has quite a few tips to share with you that should help you improve and streamline how you work, no matter what you're already doing.

Optimize All The Things! – Maura Teal

Maura has a lot to say about web performance. In fact, she's given presentations on this topic before! In this session she is going to share a few different strategies with you to help you better measure and optimize the sites you control for noticeable boosts in speed and performance. Join us and learn how you can optimize ALL THE THINGS!

What's old is new again

For fans of WordPress, there's nothing quite like attending a WordCamp. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in these incredible events that happen all around the world. That was the impetus for the very first WordSesh in 2013. Now, after a brief hiatus, WordSesh has returned like a phoenix from the ashes to bring a WordPress conference to the masses!

This year's live, virtual conference was highly curated to provide you with the absolute best possible experience.

Every presenter was been hand-picked for their experience and perspective. Every topic was chosen to complement or build on the others. And every single session was transcribed in real-time which lead to nice captions on the recordings, making this the most accessible WordSesh yet!

Did you miss the live event on July 25th? Not a problem! Every presentation was recorded and is available online now for viewing at your convenience. All you need to do is register to watch the recordings!

WordSesh, by WPSessions

WPSessions has been involved with WordSesh since its beginning, and this year we're excited to take an organizing role in bringing it back to the world.

For the past 5 years, WPSessions has been recruiting remarkable presenters to teach what they know. If you're hungry for WordPress training, and one full day of WordSesh just isn't enough for you, WPSessions is ready feed that desire year-round.

Hallway Track

No good conference is complete without the opportunity to chat and network with your peers. This year, WordSesh had multiple built-in chatting opportunities for attendees to connect with each other and talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe.


Event Swag

No, we don't have any stickers, pins, or t-shirts, but we do have plenty of useful gifts for every WordSesh attendee! We've made special arrangements so you can get discounts on WPSessions, Post Status, Shop Plugins, Content Snare, Sprout Apps, WP Migrate DB Pro, SearchWP, and much more. There are even a couple of complete freebies that are worth more than the ticket cost itself!

Viewing Parties

Lots of folks got together to enjoy WordSesh in-person at various local viewing parties from around the world! Below is a list of all the viewing parties we know about.

Want to add yours to the list in 2019? Send an email and include your location, meetup name, and how many people you think you might host. The stream is free for everyone and attendees receive a special discounted ticket for recordings, swag, etc.


WordSesh is possible thanks to these incredible companies. Tell them thanks and check out what they're doing!

Videos of WordSesh Past

Want to relive a previous WordSesh? Good news, everyone! You can watch the recordings from every single past WordSesh on YouTube.

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