WordSesh Americas
May 27, 2020

Join WordPress developers from around the world for this must-attend virtual conference on May 27th, 2020!

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Raquel Landefeld, @raqueLandefeld
Rachel Cherry, @bamadesigner
Allie Nimmons, @Allie_Nimmons
Rian Kinney, @eCommLegal
Josepha Haden, @JosephaHaden
Naomi C. Bush, @NaomiCBush
Jennifer Bourn, @JenniferBourn
Helen Hou-Sandí, @helenhousandi
Amy Hoy, @amyhoy
Christie Chirinos, @xtiechirinos
Jesse Friedman, @professor
Sandy Edwards, @SunSandDesign

Meet the Speakers

Say hello to each of the incredible hand-picked speakers for WordSesh Americas 2020!

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This year we have 12 sessions that touch on topics like headless WordPress, client services, and communication skills. Every session brings a valuable lesson and perspective to the table, so you should make time to watch them all.

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13:30 UTC

Meet & Greet

All Attendees
13:45 UTC

Opening Remarks

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host
14:00 UTC

Making the Most of a Development Tool You're Probably Already Using

Portrait of Helen Hou-Sandí Helen Hou-Sandí Director of Open Source Initiatives, 10up

With so many WordPress developers using GitHub these days, whether that's for public plugins and themes or private work, let's take a look at GitHub Actions, a newer feature to help with automation for repetitive tasks like testing and deployment.

We'll cover WordPress-specific Actions, tying together multiple Actions into a workflow, and some ideas for how to keep improving our development processes.

14:30 UTC

Decoupling WordPress: What You Should Know

Portrait of Rachel Cherry Rachel Cherry Lead Software Engineer for Myself

In this session, Rachel is going to provide personal insight on converting a traditional WordPress site into a headless installation with a static, Gatsby-based front-end. She's going to share lessons learned, pros and cons, and a few tips and resources to help you begin your own headless journey.

15:00 UTC

Code-Free Ways To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store

Portrait of Allie Christie Chirinos height= Christie Chirinos Product Lead for Managed WooCommerce, Nexcess

This lockdown has challenged us in unprecedented ways. One of the biggest questions this lockdown has brought out is: What happens when our hair is looking a little unruly, but we can’t get to a salon?

WooCommerce store load times can be like growing hair. As the store grows, so does the load time, and a few seconds can make the difference between a customer who makes a purchase, and a lost customer who got tired of waiting. A lot of the time, we look at slower loading times and immediately despair. Is this going to be a project with a developer, a series of long support requests with your host or maybe both?

What if there was a way to give your quarantine hair a little trim -- just a little help to get you through until you can get a professional cut?

Turns out, there is! By optimizing your theme, switching your host to one built for speed (with white-glove migrations to boot), compressing your images, and flipping on some of my favorite performance plugins, your WooCommerce store can get a healthy boost as you grow and expand.

15:15 UTC

15-minute Break

Stretch your legs!
15:30 UTC

Communication with Empathy

Portrait of Raquel Landefeld Raquel Landefeld Event Coordinator, Elegant Themes

In our digital and remote tech world, clear communication is imperative. But communication (or should I say good communication) is often neglected. In this talk, we will talk about the signs to recognize our communication oversights and biases. Then we will dive into ways we can communicate in a radically candid manner once we are able to truly put ourselves in the shoes of others.

16:00 UTC

How To Find And Stop Money Leaks In Your Projects

Portrait of Allie Jennifer Bourn height= Jennifer Bourn Creative Director, Bourn Creative

Inflating an air mattress inside a sweltering tent in the middle of summer isn’t a fun job. What’s worse is waking up on the hard ground and realizing the only air mattress you have completely deflated due to an invisible leak.

In this session, you’ll discover how to spot project problem areas and fix existing profitability leaks so your projects stay on track and your profits match your efforts.

16:30 UTC

Jetpack Essentials: 15 mins til Takeoff

Portrait of Jesse Friedman Jesse Friedman Director of Innovation, Jetpack

In this session, Jesse Friedman will review his favorite Jetpack features. We'll cover security fundamentals, performance improvements, and even tools to increase engagement. Improving site integrity leads to more visitors, and we'll share how to keep those visitors on your site longer. All this in just 15 minutes.

16:45 UTC

Mid-Day Break (75min)

Take some time to rest and relax.
18:00 UTC

Beginner's Guide to Contributions

Portrait of Josepha Haden Josepha Haden WordPress Executive Director, Automattic

Open source projects are sustained by volunteer efforts, and knowing what to expect as you get started is hard. This talk will look at the basics of open source contribution (or open source mentorship) and how to find your place as a WordPress contributor.

18:30 UTC

Five Ways To Make Your Projects and Events More Diverse

Portrait of Allie Nimmons Allie Nimmons Customer Success Advocate, WP Buffs

We all know that the tech space could stand to be more diverse. But whose responsibility is that, and what are the best ways to accomplish it without tokenizing people? In this session, we'll review 5 things that you can do today to help enrich your space with more diverse kinds of people.

19:00 UTC

How to Manage your Clients and Their Websites in Less Time

Portrait of Sandy Edwards Sandy Edwards US Field Marketing Manager, GoDaddy Pro

Managing WordPress updates for multiple sites doesn’t need to be a daunting task. In this session we’ll cover the many ways you can use GoDaddy Pro to make light work of website management.

19:15 UTC

15-minute Break

Stretch your legs!
19:30 UTC

Solving Complex Client Needs Quickly and Easily

Portrait of Naomi C. Bush Naomi C. Bush Lead Developer, Gravity+

Naomi is going to show us how to better understand the problem that clients are trying to solve and translate those needs into a solution that can be built quickly. You may be surprised to learn just how many business requirements can be solved with something as easy as smartly-designed forms.

20:00 UTC

Making Products that Sell

Portrait Amy Hoy Nimmons Amy Hoy StackingTheBricks.com

Want more clients, better clients — or perhaps a pathway to never needing clients again? Learn how to create a product they’ll whip out their wallets for. Yes, even in These Times™.

20:30 UTC

Five Important Tips for Client Contracts

Portrait of Rian Kinney Rian Kinney CEO, Mindsize

I don't know what you're currently using for your contracts (hopefully you are using contracts), but it's likely they have room for improvement. Rian will provide prime advice on how to improve your contract as well as important context for why you should implement this advice. After her presentation, bring all of your questions about contracts! Ryan will share from more than a decade of experience negotiating, drafting, and litigating contracts.

21:00 UTC

Closing Remarks

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host

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