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Welcome explorers! WordSesh returns to the wilderness on May 22, 2019. We still have a lot of ground to cover between now and then.

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What is WordSesh?

WordSesh is a must-attend virtual conference for WordPress professionals. Every event is curated to deliver exceptional speakers and relevant topics and transcribed in real-time.

Can't make it on May 22nd? Not a problem! Every presentation will be recorded and available online for viewing at your convenience shortly after the live event ends.

Thanks, Pantheon!

This year’s conference has been made possible thanks in large part to Pantheon – the beloved, workflow-focused, developer- & agency-friendly host!

Run your personal and client sites on Pantheon and never worry about your hosting infrastructure again. Every site on Pantheon comes standard with separate development, test, and production environments – plus workflows and command-line tools to match – so that you can deploy confidently and effortlessly.

Do you have a need for speed? Pantheon provides lightning-fast hosting and includes all the features you expect, from global CDN and free managed HTTPS to smooth scaling that lets you handle any traffic spike without breaking a sweat.

Watch with Friends

Join some friends and watch WordSesh together at a local viewing party! Last year we had viewing parties in Belgium, Nigeria, India, and across the USA.

Want to host a viewing party? You can host your own event at no cost (to you or attendees). Send an email and include your location and meetup name and we can work out all the details.

WordSesh, by WPSessions

For the past six years, WPSessions has been recruiting remarkable presenters to teach what they know.

WPSessions is home to more than 140 hours of exclusive content to help you write better code, find better clients, and deliver better projects.

If you're hungry for WordPress training, and one full day of WordSesh just isn't enough for you, WPSessions is ready feed that desire year-round.